Battery Powered Handhelds: Yes or No?

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Battery Powered Handhelds: Yes or No?

Something we hear often is that people believe battery operated handhelds will not be as powerful, work as well, or be as reliable as their tried and true gas powered counterparts. We’re here to tell you that just isn’t true! Our battery series offers the same amount of power, performance, and intuitive design you’d expect from Husqvarna. But why get battery instead of gas powered? It’s all based on preference, but we’ll give you some reasons why they’re a great choice.

1. Cut out the need to buy gas, as well as the fumes and exhaust that come with gas. Battery motors give you a comfortable working environment, safe enough for covered and indoor areas.

2. Maximum run time for long workdays. These products feature savE mode, made for when you’d like to up your operational time.

3. Powerful Li-ion batteries ensure minimal maintenance and are designed to withstand tough and frequent use. They are even interchangeable with other Husqvarna battery products!

4. High performance motors are low maintenance, lightweight, brushless, and electric and deliver high consistent torque.

5. Low noise – great for professionals who’d like to keep it quiet as they work in neighborhoods.

6. All weather usage - sensitive components are encapsulated to protect against the elements, making these products great for any type of work day.

7. Easy to use no matter what your experience. Low weight, excellent balance, and ergonomic handles. Switch your machine on and off with the touch of a button, protected from accidental activation.

8. Save money in the long run. These machines have a lower cost to operate than gas powered handhelds and will prove it in their long life span.

If you’re looking to #GoGreen and still have Husqvarna quality craftsmanship backing your equipment, battery powered handhelds are meant for you! Come see us today for more information and check out our battery handheld kits that come with everything you’ll need for your new piece.

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