How To Grow A Beautiful Lawn

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How To Grow A Beautiful Lawn

Looking to have the most lush lawn on the block this season? We hear you. Here are some tips from Husqvarna pros that will set you up for nothing but success!


∙ Stay hydrated: From when the lawn is first planted until the shoots start to show, keep the top half inch of the soil moist.

∙ Don’t be blunt: Make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp so you get a clean cut every time. You can stop by your local dealer to ensure your blades are ready for cutting.

∙ Keep some length: Remember not to cut the grass too short. With a grass level from 5 to 9 cm you will have a fine, sustainable lawn.

∙ Less is more: Don’t remove more than a third of the top growth in a single cutting.

∙ Keep the mulch: Leaving the clippings not only eliminates your time spent bagging, but it actually fertilizes the soil and lawn. Just be sure to have a mower with an easily adjustable cutting height as longer clippings smother the grass.

∙ Avoid watering at night: Be sure to let the grass dry out before the dew falls, since extended moisture invites disease. The best time to water is pre-dawn or early morning.

∙ Cut it out: Get rid of any weeds as early as possible. The best defense against pests, weeds and diseases is to grow thick, vigorous turf.


Good luck!



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