Husqvarna BLi100 Battery

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The Husqvarna Bli200 Li-Ion battery features 4 LED charge indicator and excellent cooling. Rechargeable up to 1500 charge cycles. 36V battery voltage, 2.6 ah battery capacity, 1.7lbs.


Fits Models:

Leaf Blowers: 436LiB, 320iB

Trimmers: 336LiC, 325iLK, 115iL

Hedge Trimmers: 536LiHD60X, 536LiHE3, 520iHD60, 520iHE3, 520iHT4, 115iHD55

Pole Saws: 536LiP4, 536LiPT5, 115iPT4, 530iP4, 530iPT5

Chainsaws: 536Li XP